A heart-warmingly spicy yet, light, soup-like dal, Rasam is a must at the table in South Indian homes. It can be eaten with plain boiled rice or drunk as a flavoursome soup.


These days Rasam comes in many 'avataars' from the traditional Lemon Rasam and Tomato Rasam to the more adventurous Garlic and even Pineapple Rasam. Fortunately, the basic recipe remains the same.

Everest Rasam Masala Powder, a chilli-coriander-cumin based blend - assures you of authentic Rasam every time.

Rasam Masala Powder


Before you begin: Cook 50 gms. pigeon peas (toover dal/arhar dal) in ½ litre of water and ½ tsp of Everest Turmeric Powder. Remove the fully-cooked dal from the flame and churn it.

In a seperate vessel, boil tamarind juice with tomato or garlic pieces, salt & 2 tsp of Everest Rasam Masala Powder for 30 mins. Add cooked dal to the mixture. Keep on flame for 5 mins.

Baghar: Heat 2 tsp ghee, add 1 red chilli, ½ tsp mustard seeds, a pinch of asafoetida. Add baghar to the mixture, Add coriander leaves. Serve hot.


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